Multi buyer

Based on transaction-based consumer knowledge, the populace and depth of the information contained in the pool make it possible to analyze the buying behavior, history, and preferences of individual customers in line with data protection requirements. In this way, multiple buyers are identified, and suitable new customer potential is determined on the basis of the customer portfolio of the individual company clients.

Reactivation of inactive and lost customers

In addition to acquiring new customers, the analytics union can also be used to positively support the reactivation of inactive customers and the development of prospects into customers. The multi-layered information provided by the VHA can be used to determine which inactive customers and leads are active in the mail order business, make purchases, and are therefore suitable for (re)activation as customers.

Transaction-based buying behavior

Excellent, qualified data that goes beyond the lookalike approach. With us, the actual transaction and purchasing behavior of customers are considered in our analyses – and not only as information from our own company in each case but also through the information of all other members of the analytics union.

Highly qualified new customer potential & 360° user profiles

With membership in the analytics anion, companies can tap into highly qualified new customer potential for promotional use. We are your growth partner for new customer acquisition. Get all important information at a glance and save valuable time. So you will no longer miss any sales opportunities and start with a targeted customer approach!


20 years of experience and data protection approved

CUSTOMY is the initiator, advisor, and organizer of the first data pool with DeepRFMp analysis, bringing professional expertise for 20 years. Founded in 2003, the analytics union has had several hundred participating companies during this time and places special emphasis on protecting your data. All data is carefully encrypted, both consumers and, upon request, our members remain anonymous.

Target group and industry-specific data - always up to date

We ensure regular updating of data and continuous expansion of the pool and thus your potential. Unique and actionable insights that bring efficiency and transparency to the mail-order industry. Using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methods, we capture and visualize data streams of the mail-order business. You benefit from valuable insights into your target group and relevant markets.


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Make excellent decisions faster and smarter.
Target-oriented control of your marketing and sales activities.
Win new sustainable customers and increase sales strongly.