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The mailorder alliance is an analytical alliance which has existed since 2003, with over 200members from the mailorder industry. On the basis of transactionbased consumer knowledge, it is possible to analyse the buying behaviour, and the purchasing history and preferences of the individual customers anonymously and in compliance with data protection, using the range and depth of the information contained in the pool. This means that multiple buyers are identified, and suitable new customer potential is determined using the customer portfolios of the individual members. By regularly updating the data, this pool and the potential gained from it always remains up to date. 

With membership in the mail-order alliance, companies have the opportunity to receive higher quality new customer potential from us and implement it. This goes beyond purely lookalike modelling, because above all, the actual transaction and buying behaviour of the customer is included in the analysis – and not just as information from your own company, but also from the information of all the other members of the alliance. Both the consumers and – if required – the members remain completely anonymous. 

Alongside customer acquisition, the mail-order alliance can also have a positive effect on the reactivation of inactive customers, and the development of interested parties into customersThe multilayered information of the mail-order alliance help determine which of these inactive customers and leads are active in mail-order, make purchases and are therefore suitable to be (re)activated as customers. 

Through precise and yet data protectioncompliant use of the consumer data from the mail-order alliance, you can effectively increase your customer base and therefore your turnover and maximise your success. 

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The advantages of the mail-order alliance:

Through the consolidation of the alliance, numerous partners submit their customer and associated transaction data into the data pool. This means that we not only achieve an immense range of data, but also an unprecedented data depth, as transactions of various partners can be assigned to almost every consumer. This way we can create more meaningful and accurate buyer profiles than if we used a single data source.

We determine our potential and the right prospects for you, on the basis of the actual buying behaviour of the consumer. In doing so, we do not just carry out purely lookalike modelling but focus on real transactions in our analysis. This means that we succeed in collecting target groupspecific potentials for you, which provide sustainable customers. 

By regularly updating the data in the mail-order alliance, new multiple buyers are consistently formed or confirmed. Accordingly, the determined potentials are also continually updated, so that new target group potentials are always available.

To make participation in the mail-order alliance attractive and safe for all partners, we are bound to confidentiality. We do not disclose any information about who is a member of the alliance, unless expressly permitted. Thanks to a clever procedure, data retention and analysis is completely data protection-compliant, because all customer and transaction data is anonymous and kept secure.

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