Anyone responsible for activating donors and generating donations knows that success stands and falls with the target group. Customy supports non-profit organisations, their service providers and agencies in making direct mailings successful. We have the right addresses for your fundraising campaigns based on many years of know-how and selective analyses. We make fundraising campaigns easier to plan. Direct mailings are still one of the most important and successful channels for sustainable donation generation. Addressed and individualised letters are still THE ticket into the lives of mostly older donors, both as an impetus for a first donation and as a reactivation tool for recently inactive ones.

Generating suitable new donors

Experience shows that direct marketing, flanked by other accompanying measures, is the driving force behind the advertising success of many successful campaigns. The decisive factor here: addressing the right people. In order to reach them and provide you with suitable address potentials, we first analyse your existing donor persona, if possible, i.e. we get a picture of them: What are their socio-demographics and their donor behaviour, are there any donation priorities? In this way, we can map the structure of your typical donors and select the potentials from our databases that match your donor type and are thus suitable addressees.

Reactivation of suitable donors

In the case of donors who have already been acquired but have recently been inactive, we are able to check their current purchasing behaviour and thus decide which of these people are particularly suitable for reactivation. We then hand over the data selected in this way to your order processor in the desired quantity and for further processing, so that your campaign can circulate and achieve the desired success.

Your benefits

Reactivation of recently
 inactive donors

Large, continuously updated address potential for your direct mailings

Benefit from many years
 of experience 

Acquisition of suitable
 new donors

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Claudia Schumacher 
Sales Coordinator
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